Dominican College Academics

Dominican College Academics – Dominican Collage of Blauvelt or better known as Dominican College is a riberal arts college. Within four years and a graduate located in Orangeburg, New York. The university is hired by the Board of Regents of the State of New York and is accredited by the central state commission.

Dominican Collage is a highly accredited university. The University is located in Orangeburg about 27 kilometers from New York City and has a 64,000-acre building.

Dominican College Academics

Dominican College was founded in 1952 by the sisters of the Dominican Blauvelt with the aim of offering teacher preparation programs for religious women. And it was only in the next 5 years that Dominican College became a university that accepted new students and became fully educated in 1967.

Dominican College Academics

Dominican Collage University offers students the broad liberal arts education and specialized pathways, they will be prepared for high, successful, and satisfying careers. Some of the titles that you can get from a Dominican College university are:

  1. Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  2. Master of Business Administration.
  3. Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  4. Master of Science in Education.
  5. The Master of Science.
  6. Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Communication.
  7. Masters (Family Nurse Practitioner).
  8. Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.
  9. Bachelor of Science.
  10. Bachelor of Arts.
  11. Bachelor of Science / Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.
  12. Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  13. Bachelor of Science in Education.
  14. Bachelor of Social Work.
  15. Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.
  16. Associate in Arts.
  17. As well as several certificate programs.

Not only that, Dominican College is also one of the top ten universities majoring in Criminal Justice in New York. Dominican College was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

Dominican College students have the right to access internships, clinical opportunities and work in New York City. Not only that, there is a program for working students, which can take part in evening lectures, at the end of the week or online.

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