History of Washington State University

Washington State University in Pullman, Washington was founded in 1890. The university is widely known by another name, namely, WSU, Wazzu, or Washington State.

WSU Edu itself is one of the oldest universities in West America. Washington State itself is the second highest educational institution in Washington State.

History of Washington State University

How can it not be that Washington State University itself accepts 24,470 undergraduate enrollments to a total of 29,686 students.

History Washington State University

Washington State College itself was founded on March 28, 1890 by the Washington Legislature.

After the establishment of Washington State College five months later as a university granting land created under the Morrill Act. Signed into law in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln.

Related to agriculture and mechanical arts, for the government of the university CMU has a land grant mission for practical discipline learning.

Supported by the federal government agricultural testing station in 1887 for the working class and industrial class equipped with the Law of Hatching.

With the aim of making the Washington legislature allow the law to pass, for the establishment of the College of Agriculture, the State Science School, Experiment Station.

Then on March 28, 1890 Governor Elisha P. Ferry signed into law. Universities and trial stations will teach you skills to become good farmers.

So that later will help companies by improving agricultural management and also conducting research.

In 1894 WSU launched the first time an agricultural experiment station next to the Cascade Mountains near Puyallup.

That makes the role of Washington State University begin to be seen clearly as an institution in all states.

The governor appointed three people as a land grant college site and adapted to the law. But the location must be located in the corner of the southeastern state.

Many regional offerings such as the cities of Yakima and other cities in the Palouse region. The University of new land granting opened on January 13, 1892 for 59 students at Pullman.

The college offers three main study studies, namely Engineering, Agriculture and domestic science. The school began with five members and George W. Lilley as the first president of the school.

For the student body consisting of communities around Washington, and will be given free tuition. First graduation by seven women and men in 1897.

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