Massachusetts Institute of Technology Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Universities or often known as MIT University. is a university located in the city of Cambridge Massachusetts and is also a private research institution. The specific location of the university is right across the Charles River from the Back Bay district in Boston, United States.

The university which adopted European-style universities was founded in 1861 which is a response to the United States which at that time had technological and industrial advancements. The University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a building on 168 acres of land that was opened in 1961. In the past 60 years, the university has developed branches, namely, economics, biology, management, and also political science.

It is also known that 59 of the MIT community members are currently winning the Nobel Prize. Sloan of Management, Media Lab, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Whitehead Institute, Computer Science, and Lincoln Laboratory are the most famous Schools and Departments.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Universities

Students and Community Massachusetts Institute of Technology Universities

To date, MIT itself has 11,574 students, including 4,602 undergraduate and 6,972 postgraduate students. With so many students, the MIT university has at least 12,707 professors. (including teaching staff) 1,056 professors and 911 other teaching staff.

Alumni from MIT University have issued up to 137,000 alumni representing one of the most talented, innovative, and all-scattered communities in every region of the world. Many alumni who remain at MIT University to become one of the lecturers or staff at MIT university.

Some of the world-renowned Alumni include former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Indian Chief Economic Adviser Raghuram Rajan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, physicist Richard Feynman, former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband. President of European Central Bank Mario Draghi, and Governor of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke,

Not only that there are also Massachusetts Institute of Technology University Alumni who are the founders of well-known companies in the world, The companies include Dropbox. Campbell Soup, McDonnell Douglas, Bose, Rockwell International, Koch Industries, Raytheon, and Texas Instruments.

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